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Missouri Lawyers Weekly
1 year subscription

Benefits include:

  • Legal News tailored for attorneys like you.  Stay in the loop as to what your legal peers are doing.
  • Opinions - Get the latest from the Missouri Supreme Court, the US Court of Appeals 8th district and the Missouri Court of appeals all in one place.
  • Verdicts & Settlements – Get access to the FULLY searchable database with cases across the state.  See the results from every civil case.  Great for case work.  See how much your case could be worth. 
  • Case Archives -   Access cases going back to 1996.
  • 52 Weekly issues
  • Digital Edition – Full 24/7 access to the FULLY searchable digital database and articles.
  • Daily email alerts – Get legal breaking news as it happens.
Print & Digital 52 Issues Optional $374.50
2 year subscription - Weekly newspaper, 24/7 Digital Access, daily e-mail alerts, free Digital Edition of the newspaper. OUR BEST DEAL! Print & Digital 104 Issues Optional $671.70
GO GREEN 1 year digital subscription - 24/7 Online Access, daily e-mail alerts, free Digital Edition of the newspaper.
Digital Only 1 Year Optional $374.50
30-day subscription - Get unlimited 24/7 subscriber-only digital access to Missouri Lawyers Weekly! Plus the weekly newspaper.
  • Read Money/The Firm:  a financial guide to Missouri’s top law firms
  • Search the Verdicts & Settlements Database
  • Read the digital edition of the paper
  • Plus, receive daily email alerts with your online subscription
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Print & Digital 1 Month Required $35.89
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